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Meaningful Experiences 




Whether it is small meetings, transformational keynote speaking for large events, corporate training, or online workshops, Limor Morgenstern will change how you see branding.  My goal is to create clear take-aways and a deep learning experience.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to inspire and motivate audiences to increase and improve their knowledge base. Creating magical moments is to make them memorable, and we make it our responsibility to create fun and engaging events.


All topics are structured as a one-hour talk.
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Becoming a
global brand.

1. Moving your business
to the international stage.


8 things that smart international brands know, and that every entrepreneur must know.

Whether you’re U.S. based and want to increase your global reach or you want to launch your business in the U.S., there’s a recipe to brand success. This talk will give you 5 steps you need to take to get your company ready for the international stage based on 16 plus years experience creating successful  international brand and product launches. 


What’s the main take-away?

1. 10 things to consider before you start the branding process

2.  Brand consistency in a global sea of diversity

3.  Innovative - how to increase your brand's first impression

4.  How to become a 'Digital First' brand, and why it is crucial

5.  'Hyper Personalization'- brands offering adaptive environments

6.  How your international business plan, strategy and goals ought to influence the brand 

7. Why should you care about your brand story and how to extend your brand's international reach?

8  How to convert your international market research insights into clear branding messages


Saving the planet
could have potential growth.

2. How to create a 'Do Good'
brands that saves the planet
and promotes business growth.


Brands have an opportunity to use the digital space to engage users to feel good about helping the planet and promote specific causes.


What’s the main take-away?

1. Insights and reserch - how to choose your motivation

2. Shaping the genuine social awarnes for in-house and tagreted auidiences 

3. Honesty is the best policy - because consumers know the difference

4. Create an amazing brand story that promotes trust and loyalty

5. Creating a business that is both green and profitable - why is this trending?

attract-the right-clients-LMD.jpg

How to effectively grow
your brand reach

3. How to attract the right customers. 


Reaching the right customers with the right approach and message - creating an effective brand.

If you don’t have unlimited marketing budgets, it’s super important to make sure you are marketing to the right customers. Smart marketing is about having the right message, and the right materials for the right people.


What’s the main take-away?

1. Why do we need branding anyway?

2. 10 Ways to differentiate your brand from the competition and peers

3. How to boldly stand out in the crowd

4. How to create a brand-defining consumer experience in every touch point

5.  Crafting intelligent and engaging brand stories


Inform and Transform

Creating an insightful,
memorable journey

Hi Limor, thanks so much for the webinar on Google My Business today!
So informative!
— Terri W

Limor Morgenstern

is an award winning creative and strategic thinker. She engages, informs and motivates her audience to see clearly, to grow their brand and business and to expand their reach. With many years of working with a diverse client base and a multi-cultural clientele she understands how to inspire new ways of seeing and thinking.