Clients find out quickly that
at LMD Designs we take time
to get to know you and your business goals. 

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a local start-up, we take time to understand your specific brand objectives. What we don’t take long to do is come up with beautiful design solutions. Because we’re small, smart, agile and efficient. From concept to implementation, we know how to listen, explore, create, and build a fabulous brand together. 


At LMD Designs we are
often told our work looks
like it comes from a big agency.

We assure you it does not! We’re just a small team of professionals with a lot of experience in brand strategy and design. We happen to enjoy working with one another and working collaboratively with you because time and again this is what leads to amazing results. Sometimes it’s even our little team that’s behind work you see from big agencies! When challenged or stretched they call on us to help them out.

Our creative partners: Y&R, SME Branding, Erwin- Penland, E-Commerce Partners, Ion Leap, KCSA Strategic Communications, RIOT PR, LLC.

We combine research and innovative
conceptual thinking to help your
business thrive at every
brand touchpoint.


The founder of LMD Designs is
our award winning creative
director Limor Morgenstern.

Limor grew up in Jerusalem, Israel where she received a BFA from the world-renowned Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, with concentrations in fine art and design. Her experience spans a range of capabilities and industries from brand strategy and design to UX/UI development, film and television production, advertising, retail merchandising, event planning and product launch. Across all media, Limor’s work is characterized by innovative design and effective creative solutions.

Global clients like IBM, ADT, Orange and BT Telecom, and local businesses ready to take their brand to the next level appreciate the multi-cultural perspective, adaptability, cultural sensitivity and empathy that Limor brings to every project. 


"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

- Steve Jobs