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Adding luster to an
innovative branding 


Silver Bullet is a privately owned water treatment system that uses innovative technology to clean cooling tower water faster, safer, more efficiently and affordably than conventional systems that use harsh or noxious chemicals. The system is currently used in over 100 facilities nationwide ranging from hospitals and hotel chains to NORAD, the most secure facility in North America.



  • Reinforce brand positioning that Silver Bullet is a professional technology company with an innovative and superior solution to water treatment
  • Imbue the brand with a masculine brand voice and strong technological imagery to appeal to a predominantly male audience in both the website and all sales and marketing materials
  • Redesign the website to quickly and clearly communicate what Silver Bullet water treatment is and how it is far superior to conventional water treatment solutions
  • Organize the site so end-users and water treatment companies can easily navigate and access the information that is relevant to them


  • Clients responded well to the new brand and applications
  • Business from the hospitality and agriculture sectors increased significantly

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), 25th Industry Growth Forum awarded the company its coveted national Best Venture award


    KCSA team
    Theresa Valenti  Director of Marketing
    Joseph Scpton CFO
    Jason Mayde Director of Interactive
    & Information Technology
    Chris Mosera Photo shoot



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    Creative direction photo shoot
    Interactive experience
    Project implementation
    Print publications
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