Rethinking 3D design in the digital era.

Paper Starlings

Transforming the future of design!

The ultra creative and inspiring designer /thinker is
changing the way we perceive the design world!

Bits & Parts


The Joris Laarman Lab
is creating groundbreaking
playful experimental projects, altering our
way of thinking on 3D objects.


Adaptation Chair (2014)


These imaginative structural objects are designed with an ethereal and highly mesmerizing effect. All the objects have the organic form and digital quality to them.
The creation process is integral to the final product. presenting the process
of the creation is creative and innovative in itself.

Adaptation Chair (2014)


LMD Team

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Photo courtesy of Joris Laarman Lab
(photocredits: JL, Adriaan de Groot, Glenn Taylor Jackson)
photocredits: Glen Taylor Jackson, Adriaan de Groot & JL