How We Created an Exquisite Client Appreciation Event

“A Spanish Medieval Secret Society”


The book 'The Name of the Rose' by Umberto Eco- was the source of our inspiration. The location, a medieval Spanish monastery, was perfect for our concept of a "secret society." The concept evolved further, as we enlisted the help of all the local venues to enhance the experience at an exquisite client appreciation event.


From the logo to the custom coat of arms, we created an entire brand identity for this event. We used vintage calligraphy and a wax seal on the invitation to get clients excited. We designed name tags, wine bottles, coffee cups and more to immerse clients in the medieval spirit of the event. We draped the whole monastery in banners and flags and even designed a menu for each day of the event. The truth is we got a bit carried away, but so did the clients! They loved the event and the design so much that many went home not just with the engraved souvenirs we had made, but with the flags, banners, and coat of arms, as well!


By the end of the event, three new clients had joined our client’s company. And we enjoyed the appreciative emails and calls from our happy clients.

We hope you would love the project.