Social Media Marketing Series: Instagram for Business.

Social Media Marketing Series: Instagram for Business.

Lunch & Learn: Instagram for Business

Social Media Marketing Series: Instagram for Business

Are you ready to join 75 million users on Instagram to grow your business?

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform in the world. This photo sharing platform is a great tool that businesses can use to market themselves, promote products and services, boost their brand, and increase sales.

Whether you are new or have a basic understanding of Instagram, this lunch & learn networking series will cover all the aspects you need to know to get started with Instagram.

What You Will Learn:

  • What is Instagram

  • Why should you use Instagram for business?

  • Optimizing your profile so others can find & engage with you easily

  • Creating posts on Instagram Best practice tips on growing a following and promoting your brand.

  • Learning about hashtags, videos, stories, tagging.

Don’t Bore Your Audience!

Don’t Bore Your Audience!

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